What Type Of Cannabis Event Is Right For You?

With the medical marijuana industry and cannabis community rapidly growing, there have been more and more events taking place to raise awareness about cannabis. Many different types of expos, conferences, competitions, and seminars are drawing people in to attend and learn about the industry. Communities are trying harder to help educate the public about the medical side of marijuana, as well as the recreational side. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, cannaisseur, investor interested in the business, or just a pot enthusiast, there is an event out there for you. Some events are geared towards the business side of things, while others aim to help educate and give information. Then there are other types of events for people who just want to relax, medicate together, and have fun. If you’re interested in attending some type of cannabis event but you aren’t sure which one is right for you, here are a couple of examples of the different types of events I have been to recently.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, looking for the type of event where you can go to medicate, submit your cannabis concentrate into a competition, watch people compete, and/or try the different types of concentrates, then the Dab-A-Doo is right for you. Mila Jansen, a.k.a. the Queen of Hash, started this awesome event. The most recent one was the sixth Dab-A-Doo event to take place and was held in RI, making it the first ever Dab-A-Doo event on the East coast. Cannabis extractors from around the area came to submit their latest cannabis extractions into the competition. Others who attended had the opportunity to judge and enjoy samples of each of the concentrates submitted. In addition to indulging in the concentrates people also enjoyed the medicated foods/candies, had fun socializing with fellow enthusiasts, and enjoyed seeing what the different vendors had to offer.

Another type of event to go to would be the Boston Freedom Rally. This type of event is similar in the social laid back nature, however, unlike the Dab-A-Doo, it IS open to the public. This means anyone is able to attend, patient and non-patient alike. This year was the 26th Annual Boston Freedom Rally. People gathered in the Boston Common to raise awareness about the Cannabis community, as well as to push for the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use. Pushing for Cannabis legalization in Massachusetts has always been the Boston Freedom Rally’s goal. This year people are predicting that the 2016 Rally could potentially be the last Boston Freedom Rally where Cannabis is illegal for recreational use. This is because advocacy groups are pushing for legalization and have begun collecting voter signatures aimed at a statewide ballot measure for 2016. Both Advocacy groups want Cannabis legalized for recreational use, however, their methods on how the laws will be carried out are very different. Although they are different, they are still fighting for the same cause and both groups were present collecting signatures. In addition to the advocacy groups there were many different types of vendors, everything from clothing to glass products to food was available for purchase. People enjoyed live music as well as listened to different speakers who gave insight to help educate the community. It was a very peaceful protest and the atmosphere was great! If you’re someone interested in supporting your local cannabis community while you relax, listen to great music, and check out the latest cannabis related products, then this event is perfect for you.

Some people love the laid back nature of these types of events, however, if you’re someone who is more serious about the business, and you want to try to find an event a little in between, then the New England Cannabis Convention is what you’re looking for. The New England Cannabis Convention is open to the public just like the Boston Freedom Rally and it still has that easy going feel to it. Although it is an easy going event, there is still no medicating on premise. People can walk around check out the different vendors, sit in on the different educational talks about the industry, or just network with different advocates, businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, or fellow consumers. The New England Cannabis Conventions goal is to provide a resource hub for the rapidly growing medical marijuana industry. This type of event is definitely aimed more towards educating and networking.

Ok, so now you guys have an idea about these three types of events, but what about an event that is more business oriented. If you’re someone who is more interested in learning about the laws, regulations, and investments side of the industry then the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is the perfect event for you. This type of event is more of a conference then an expo. People have to pre pay for tickets to this event and there are various speakers teaching about the different aspects of the business. Unlike most cannabis events where people are dressed down, many people are dressed in suits, ties, and more professional attire. This type of event is great for those who are interested in opening a cannabis related business, or even for those who are just interested in learning more about the business side of Cannabis. The NCIA event has many different speakers who are there educating about different topics. Some of the matters people were speaking about at the event were; licensing for dispensaries, investments, financial aspects, cultivation, marijuana infused products, and laws and regulations to name a few. There were different time blocks set up so people could get the most out of the conference. The NCIA’s main goal is to encourage the development of a legitimate and responsible cannabis industry while working for an advantageous economic, social, and legal environment for the cannabis related industry in the U.S. which makes this event perfect for interested business entrepreneurs.

So now that I’ve given you some examples of a few different cannabis related events, I hope you will find the right one for you. Whether you are just interested in medicating and having fun, or you’re more interested in learning and networking, there are events out there. Whichever event you decide to go to, just remember that in the Cannabis industry most of us are fighting for the same cause. This plant is a legitimate medicine, and this industry is only going to expand. You can never learn enough if you want to be involved in this industry. There are events like these along the way to help educate ourselves, as well as others, about this awesome plant that has helped so many people. Now, go educate yourselves! Stand up for the people who are sick and need Cannabis as medicine! Or stand up for the recreational use of it! Whatever side you want to stand on whether it be recreational or medicinal take a stand and help us educate others. As citizens of the United States we need to fight for our rights, and fight for the plant that Mother Nature intended as natural medicine, not for the sorry excuse of some of the chemically engineered, side effect ridden, “medicines” coming out of the pharmaceutical companies’ asses. So Remember guys: Stay educated, Stay Healthy, and Stay (naturally) medicated!

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