LoudCloud to Soon Launch New Secure, Effortless Patient Verification System for Medical Cannabis Patients and Collectives: Makes Special Offer to Collectives

If you own or manage a cannabis collective and are tired of going through the hassle of obtaining the needed paperwork to verify medicinal cannabis patients, here is an easy-to-use, online, secure solution:

 It’s called LoudCloud.

 LoudCloud is a hip, new, and safe way for patients to seamlessly obtain their medical cannabis documents and then transfer them to their favorite collectives. Collectives then have verified medicinal marijuana patients in a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud database. With LoudCloud, signing up and managing patient records couldn’t be any easier.

 The LoudCloud system works by turning a patient’s driver’s license into an “E-Z Pass” for patient verification. Once entered into the system, LoudCloud-verified patients can visit any collective in the LoudCloud network to avoid the first-time-patient registration hassle.

 LoudCloud is the first in the medical cannabis industry to consolidate verified patient records into a HIPAA-compliant database for faster, easier collective access and management.

 Even better, LoudCloud Patients can find other LoudCloud partner collectives in their area by using the GPS feature, without the need to be verified again. The product is completely free for patients. Thus by becoming a LoudCloud partner collective, you will reduce the barrier to entry for patients into your collective and see increased traffic.

 Take Advantage of This Special Offer

As a special incentive to Los Angeles-based cannabis collectives (where LoudCloud is initially launching), LoudCloud is making this very limited-time special offer:

 From April 20 through April 30, 2016, collectives can go to www.getloudcloud.com and sign up for LoudCloud’s exclusive offer:  LoudCloud will give collectives one free month of LoudCloud service, along with 50% off, for the next three months. There is no hardware or upfront cost required.

 Don’t miss out on LoudCloud’s exclusive offer! Sign up now at www.getloudcloud.com. Go to the “Collectives” tab and sign up today. This is going to be the start of a very exciting relationship.

 About LoudCloud

Based in Los Angeles, LoudCloud is a start-up that is revolutionizing the way patient information is managed and stored. Loud Cloud consolidates verified cannabis patients in a secure HIPAA-compliant database, so that once medical cannabis patients are verified, they can access any collective in LoudCloud’s network hassle-free. LoudCloud’s system works seamlessly with collectives, patients and POS / inventory management software providers. The company management team is comprised of Rob Gillett, co-founder, CEO/CTO and Head of Product Development; Marc Howland, co-founder, Chief Commercial Officer; Dariq Charles, Lead Backend Engineer; and Spencer Pugh, Head of Marketing.


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