• What Type Of Cannabis Event Is Right For You?

    With the medical marijuana industry and cannabis community rapidly growing, there have been more and more events taking place to raise awareness about cannabis. Many different types of expos, conferences, competitions, and seminars are drawing people in to attend and learn about the industry. Communities are trying harder to help educate the public about the […]

  • Terpenes 101

    Imagine closing your eyes, sticking your nose into a bouquet of fresh beautiful buds (I’m not just talking about roses people), and inhaling the wonderful aromas of the plant. Have you ever wondered what it is that gives plants their aromatic smell or their delicious taste? If you have you’re in luck because this article […]

  • No Soldier Left Be-HIGH-nd

    There is a lot going on in the medical marijuana industry these days. More and more states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana, some states are even legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. However, while all this is going on there is one huge community that is being left out, our veterans. We are […]

  • Signal Bay (SGBY) Builds Presence in $850 Million Cannabis Testing Industry

    Signal Bay Inc. (OTC Pink: SGBY), a leading provider of cannabis consulting, licensing, compliance, and laboratory services, has been actively building its presence in the $850 million cannabis testing industry. After already capturing about 75% of Oregon’s market, the company plans to extend its reach to include all of the state’s market before moving on […]

  • Maine Set to Approve Cannabis for Treatment of Opiate Addiction

    Maine is currently on the fast track in becoming the first state to make addiction to opioid prescriptions and illegal narcotics like heroin to its list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. Nearly 30 medical marijuana caregivers and patients told state regulators at a public hearing last month that marijuana eases the symptoms of opioid […]

  • Walgreens Blog Post Talks Cannabis

    In a recent blog post, Walgreens the largest drug retailing chain in the United States commented on the medical marijuana issue. The recent post on the company’s Stay Well Tumblr blog was devoted to cannabis. The post, titled “Clarifying Clinical Cannabis,” was written by Dahlia Sultan, a pharmacy resident at the University of Illinois and Walgreens. The […]

  • Vermont Delays Vote on Legalization

    Vermont house leaders said on Monday they didn’t think they had support in the House for a Senate-passed bill legalizing marijuana in Vermont, and delayed until Tuesday a compromise vote for decriminalization. The Senate-passed bill would legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana in the state. The house bill would not legalize retail sales of marijuana, as […]

  • Woody Harrelson Denied Hawaii Cannabis License

    Woody Harrelson has been denied a medical-marijuana dispensary license. Harrelson’s bid to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii was rejected on Friday, as the state approved eight of more than 60 applicants, officials said. The 54-year-old actor applied for the license back in February in Honolulu County on behalf of his company, Simply Organic Living. The actor, […]

  • PA Becomes 24th State to Legalize Medical Cannabis

    Gov. Tom Wolf has signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania into law. The bill will go into effect in the next month, making Pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program. Gov. Wolf signed the bill into law Sunday afternoon surrounded by a crowd of supporters, many of them parents with children. Law […]

  • Mobile App “Mojiuana” Launched

    Mojiuana, the world’s most extensive marijuana-themed emoticon app, is helping mobile users celebrate National Weed Day with over 180 different newly debuted emojis. Endorsed by celebrity ambassadors Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Baby Bash, the application gives members of the cannabis community an exciting, fun and cutting edge way to express themselves on 4/20 and throughout the year when words […]

  • Members of DC Marijuana Justice meet with White House

    Adam Eidinger and Nikolas Schiller, leaders of the group DC Marijuana Justice will be meeting with White House officials to argue that marijuana shouldn’t be classified as a dangerous drug. Eidinger characterizes the meeting with the Office of National Drug Control Policy as “friendly.” He declined to name the people with whom DCMJ spoke. “They didn’t say much, […]

  • LoudCloud to Soon Launch New Secure, Effortless Patient Verification System for Medical Cannabis Patients and Collectives: Makes Special Offer to Collectives

    If you own or manage a cannabis collective and are tired of going through the hassle of obtaining the needed paperwork to verify medicinal cannabis patients, here is an easy-to-use, online, secure solution:  It’s called LoudCloud.  LoudCloud is a hip, new, and safe way for patients to seamlessly obtain their medical cannabis documents and then […]